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  1. How do I access my Online Control Panel?
    All our hosting packages come with a feature packed control panel. You can log into your control panel using the address Until your domain has become active on our servers you can use a temporary address given to you in your welcome email. You will need to use the username and password in your welcome email. 

  2. How do I send and receive email from
    Your control panel has a mail menu section. You need to create an email account and configure your mail client. see the 'Email Questions' section of this FAQ. 

  3. Can I access stats about my sites visitors?
    Yes. Contained within your Online Contol Panel are two programmes that can offer you detailed information about visitors and hits to your site. Go to the 'tools' section of your control panel. You can also download raw log stats. 

  4. Can I change my username and password to my control panel?
    You cannot change your accounts username. You can change your password at any time by going to the Account Settings menu in your control panel and clicking on change password. 

  5. Do you have any Scripts available?
    We have numerous customizable scripts that have been pre-installed or ready to install on the server for you to use with your own account. These can be accessed through the control panel. Recently added to all accounts is Fantastico, this is in your control panel and contains many of the leading scripts which are kept updated and can be installed or uninstalled with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. 

  6. Can I password protect an area of my site?
    Yes. This is called Web Protect and is available from witin your Control Panel.

  7. How do I upload my site using the Control Panel?
    We recommend you use FTP to upload files but you can Use 'file manager' which is located in the Control Panel. File Manager allows you to modify the files in your web site in real-time via a web based interface. You can perform many commands such as chmod as well as actually edit the file and save it directly to the web server. 

  8. Can I customise Error Pages within my Control Panel?
    Yes. Click on Error pages with the Account Settings menu of your Control Panel. The Error editor lets you customise the errors that your users will see instead of the generic server errors. 

  9. Where do I create subdomains?
    If your package include subdomains. You can create a subdomain in your Control Panel. 

  10. What is a Sub Domain?
    A subdomain is one, which resides under your top-level domain name, but in many ways behaves as a "totally independent domain". You'll observe that many of the larger corporations use these, as they're somewhat more professional looking, and do a better job of creating an independent precedence for service or product lines, which appear as separate web entities. Example: You're a GM dealer with a site such as You sell everything from Pontiac's to Cadillac's. To better organize your online presence, you could create subdomains for your various automotive lines. These would appear as or 

  11. What is SpamAssassin?
    SpamAssassin is included with all our web hosting accounts and is a mail filter which scans for, and attempts to block, SPAM. 

  12. I forgot my Cpanel password. What do I do?
    We understand accidents do happen. If you ever forget your password, please submit a support ticket. Please include your first and last names for verification sake. 

  13. How Do I Password Protect Directories?
    The Password Protect Directory feature in your Control Panel allows you to restrict access to a particular directory within your account and allow access by assigning usernames and passwords to individuals that you choose to allow such access. To access this feature click on Web Protect. You will be asked to select the directory that you want to protect, simply click the text link of the directory name and you will be taken to the screen where you complete the specifics for user information. You will need to enter a unique name (Protected Resource Name) for this password protection in the upper section of the screen. The name must be a single word or phrase with no spaces. Enter the name and click the save button. Now you are ready to add users that can have access to the specific directory. To add a new user, simply input the username and password and click Save. You will be taken to a screen that will confirm the new user and you can click the link on the bottom of the screen to go back and add more users. To change a password for a user, simply input the username and the new password for the user and click Save. NOTE: Usernames and passwords MUST be from 6 to 8 characters long. Any less than 6 or greater than 8 will cause your protected directory cease to function and you will receive an error when trying to enter the directory. To delete a user, select the user from the list and click the Delete button

  14. Can I Do My Own Backups?
    Yes, This option in your Control Panel allows you download a compressed file that contains the directories and/or files located in your account. This is an excellent way to backup your own files. We HIGHLY recommend that you make it common practice to backup your own web pages. Once you've downloaded the compressed file, you can keep it in your local computer. If you ever need to restore the compressed file, just return to this part of your Control Panel, click Browse, look for the file in your local computer and click Upload.

  15. How can I check disk storage and traffic quotas for my website?
    Log into cPanel Enter your Login Name and Password The home page will give you the disk storage and traffic quotas information. 

  16. How do I create a custom error pages?
    Error pages are served to Internet users when any one of a variety of errors occur, such as when a user enters an incorrect URL or is not authorized to access a specific directory in your web site. Companies often customize error pages to brand them with a specific corporate image and a link to their home page. You do not have to customize these pages - the error page is always available, whether customized or not. To create or modify a customized error page: Click on the Error Pages link in the Account Settings area. Click on the button of the required error page, such as the 403 button. Enter the HTML code for the error page. You can use the buttons at the top of the page to insert variables into the displayed code.

  17. How do I access my control panel? (Replace with your actual domain name and login in with your username and password) 
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