Getting Started
  1. What do I need to do first?
    Read your welcome email thoroughly. This contains all the information you will need to begin using your hosting account with us.

  2. What is my Username and Password? 
    Your username and password will be confirmed in your welcome email. They are needed to authenticate everything from FTP, to control panel, and FrontPage if you're using it. In short, use this username and password for any access you're attempting to your account. You can change your password at any time using the control panel but your username will always remain the same.

  3. Why doesn't my password work?
    Our servers have case-sensitive usernames & passwords. Make sure you are typing in both your username & password in lower case letters. If you have tried this and still cannot access your account, then send us a request to reset your password. You must send this request from the email address you have on your account with us and we will reset the account and send you the new information. 

  4. How do I access my control panel?
    You can log into your control Panel from your site domain name /cPanel

  5. Can I see my website before the domain name has become active?
    Yes. You can use the temporary address given to you in your welcome email to view your webspace as soon as your account has been created.

  6. How do I upload / publish my website?
    Please see your welcome email for details on how to upload your site. To use FTP you will need to use and your username and password. For further details on uploading and publishing your site please see the Uploading/Publishing Your Site section of this FAQ.

  7. How do I write HTML/create a website?
    There are a large number of documents, programs and tutorials on the web to help you write HTML. Our support site contains links to useful resources.

  8. Why are my graphics not showing up?
    Make certain that all graphics files are uploaded in binary mode. Make certain that your graphics are properly saved in one of the following formats: GIF or JPG. HTML does not support any other graphics types. Macintosh users need to upload all graphics files in Raw Data Format (not Mac Binary) with the appropriate extension and all text documents which are format sensitive in ASCII text. By far the biggest culprit of missing graphics is due to improper path references in your HTML documents. Often web designers will create their graphics with a graphics program such as Photoshop or Corel Draw and save them into the default directory for that particular program. In order to preview the graphics on their own computers, they will naturally reference the drive and directory where those graphics are located (for example: C:/photoshop/images/sample.gif). This works fine when they are on their computer with those drives and directories. However, the virtual server does not provide service to a "C:" drive and does not maintain a copy of the Photoshop program or its directory. To solve this you need to move all your graphics files into the same directory as your HTML document and re-reference the graphics.

  9. What do I name my files?
    The starting point for a Web site is called the home page. It is the page that is retrieved and displayed by default when a user visits the Web site. The default home-page name for a server depends on the server’s configuration. On our Web servers it is index.html, index.htm or index.php. You can name the other pages whatever you like, but make sure they have an appropriate file type. 

  10. How do I use my Contol Panel?
    Your Control Panel has documentation included within it that explains every feature. The link to this is on the first page of the Contol Panel once you have logged in. Please see the 'Using Your Online Control Panel' section of this FAQ for more details and also our movie tutorials on our support site. 

  11. Where are my raw log files?
    They are located within your control panel. Login and click "Statistics -> Download Raw Access Logs". 

  12. I forgot my Cpanel password. What do I do?
    We understand accidents do happen. If you ever forget your password, please submit a support ticket. Please include your first and last names for verification sake.
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