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  1. What is DNS?
    DNS stands for "Domain Name Server." The domain name server acts like a large telephone directory in that it's the master database, which associates a domain name such as ( with the appropriate IP number. Consider the IP number something similar to a phone number: When someone calls, your ISP looks at the DNS server, and asks "how do I contact" The DNS server responds, it can be found at: As the Internet understands it, this can be considered the phone number for the server, which houses the web site.

  2. Where are all of the DNS records kept?
    For the purposes of this FAQ we'll try to keep it as general as possible. There are 2 basic places DNS records reside: International Root name servers (13 exist throughout the world) and your domain register, where your current DNS settings reside. When you register/purchase your domain name on a particular "registers name server", your DNS settings are kept on their server, and in most cases point your domain to the Name Server of your hosting provider. This Name Server is where the IP number (currently associated with your domain name) resides. The entire hierarchy is somewhat involved, but in short, the world Root Name Servers can be considered the master listing of all DNS records, and there are currently 13 of them in the world. These name servers are where all the master DNS records are kept. The DNS server of your ISP will typically query the Root Name Servers once every 24-hours. This is how they update all of their DNS tables, which in turn, resolve www requests to the IP number of the server they reside on. 

  3. How do I transfer my domain name to x3 Internet Solutions? 
    You can use any existing domain name with x3 Internet Solutions accounts. When you create an acount with us we will send you the nameservers for the server which your account is on so that you can point your domain to your new account. You can also transfer registration and management of your domain to x3 Internet Solutions services. please contact Sales[at]x3internetsolutions[dot]com if you wish to do this. 

  4. What is domain parking?
    Parking a domain on your account allows more than one domain name to point to the same webspace. It means that, for example you can have and going to the same site without having to have two separate accounts. To get a domain parked on your account please send in a support ticket with the new domain name you would like parked in addition to your main domain. Please include your account username and password. 

  5. What characters are allowed in a domain name?
    Domain names are always registered using lowercase (a-z not A-Z) but they are not case sensitive. Numbers (0 to 9) and dashes (-) are also allowed. The dash cannot be the first or last character 

  6. What Is The Difference Between Domain Extensions? 
    All domain names are accessible from anywhere in the world, there is no performance difference between extensions. The main difference is in that .com's, .net's and .org's are perceived as being international and's are seen as being UK based. If your company has an international market a .com domain would be a good choice whereas, is ideal for companies primarily focused upon the UK. For a full list of extensions we offer please see our site. 

  7. What Happens After The Initial Registration Period Has Elapsed?
    After the initial registration period you can choose to renew your domain name for a further period or to allow your domain name to expire. If you have registered the domain name through us we will contact you when your domain name is due for renewal.

  8. Can I access my domain without the "www" in front?
    Yes. You will be able to access your domain address with or without the "www" in front of the domain name. or is fine, whichever you prefer. 

  9. How do I change my domain's nameservers so they point to my x3 Internet Solutions account?
    Simply go to your current domain registers web site, and look around for links, which point to something like, domain manager, manage domain, or something of that administrative nature. In your welcoming email, you were sent DNS settings, which are similar to this (please check your welcome email for actual nameservers): NS1.X3HOSTING.NET NS2.X3HOSTING.NET Most of the newer registers have turned this into a 5-minute process, although it can take up to 48 hours for the changes to take effect. You simply login to the register, select 'manage domain' and you'll be presented with an option to update your new DNS numbers. If your particular register 'does not' provide a domain manager of some type, then you'll need to send them a message requesting a change of DNS. Once you've accessed the "management interface" of your domain name, look for a setting, which says "change or manage DNS settings." In most cases, you can simply cut and paste the DNS settings we've sent you directly into the spaces, which correspond to your DNS management settings. 

  10. Why don't the nameserver changes take effect immediately?
    When you change your DNS settings, these new settings must propagate throughout the worlds DNS servers. It also means that every ISP (Internet Service Provider), must update their DNS records to reflect these new changes, which in most cases, is done automatically every 24 hours, but not always. In most cases, the propagation process will take at least 48 hours to complete. 

  11. Can I work on my website while the DNS changes are happening?
    Yes, you can still work on your new account until your domain name finds it way to our servers using the temporary address given in your welcome email. 
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